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evianne Of Texas in it Texas at Austin he studies the thing called pole chronometer or the economics of beauty and he's done an entire are a lot of cosmetic procedures being performed I'd say that the two specialties that perform the most cosmetic procedures to try and improve appearance are Derman illogic surgeons dermatologists and plastic surgeons I'm a member of the American Society of dermatologically and you can see the statistics it's quite a number of procedures I published an article a few years back that showed that cosmetic procedures have skyrocketed since the year 2000 and the main reason is because of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures botulinum toxin soft tissue fillers in particular but it's important to go to someone who is comfortable performing 

evianne uk this minimally invasive procedures the photo on the left is a patient who came to see me a few days after she'd been injected at a cosmetic spa and hyaluronic acid was placed in an area where there's place to superficially and to much I was fortunate to be able to inject a product to dissolve it but this photos show you that if you do see cosmetic procedures whoever you seek make sure that you've vetted them they're comfortable performing the procedures they know their anatomy and they're well trained many of you out there I and I appreciate the fact that you've come here to listen to this many of me not know me but let me introduce you listen to myself